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Website design to showcase Bruno Motor Works’ beautiful and shiny custom-made motorbike parts.


We were asked to create and design the website for Bruno Motor Works. Beyond the fact of this being a business venture, it is also the owner’s hobby; his passion is contagious. If you don’t care for motorbikes, then I’m sure you’ll change your mind when you see this.


Marcello Bruno is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense young business man who runs a very successful metal shop in Montreal.

But since one of his passions are beautiful, shiny motorbikes, and because he makes shiny, beautiful parts for these motorbikes, he asked us to put together a beautiful (and shiny) website for his other company Bruno Motor Works.

This is a two-phase project:

Phase 1 : Showcase

At this stage the website is a showcase, sort of catalog of the parts available at Bruno Motor Works.

Phase 2 : Online store

In the next phase, we’ll be adding an online store in the near future; and the site will grow as we generate trafic and purchases.

So If you like motorbikes, ride this website 🙂


website design for Bruno Motor Works

What our client had to say :

« I love my website created by VCommDesign, and so does everyone else to whom I show it. It’s design is simple and elegant; it perfectly represents my company. 

The service was very professional throughout; the Project Designer and Manager, Mimi Royer,  kept the ball rolling smoothly along each step of the project, all on budget and on time!

Whenever the subject of websites comes up with other business people, I strongly recommend that they contact VCOMMDESGN.»

Marcello Bruno
Bruno Motor Works


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