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Avant-Après, le site internet de Quadriscan

 Website Makeover :

Group Quadriscan : presenting the perfect connection between printing and digital technologies


See how through this website the Quadriscan Group offers its customers a modern printing service that perfectly combines traditional technologies and digital technologies of the web, to produce outstanding print-based communication tools.


The task in a nutshell :

A new website to present the full gamut of printing services, and examples thereof, from traditional to digital.

The Client discussion

In talking with the President, Mr. Roger Blanchette, it was determined that the website’s design should be simple and bold, and the navigation should allow visitors to quickly see how and why they should entrust their future projects to the Quadriscan Group team of professionals.

The result — an overview

  • The tone for the graphic design branding of the site was inspired by the colours of the Quadriscan logo.
  • The HOME page, with its carousel of images, rapidly tells a visitor what the site is about.
  • The PORTFOLIO section has a category filtering feature to allow everyone to find what he / she is looking for.
  • Each VISUAL leads to its own descriptive sheet. For Print File transfers, the website incorporates a simple link to WeTransfer.

Le site internet Quadriscan à l'image de leur logole site internet Quadriscan, portfolio


To surf each of the sections simply visit:  https://quadriscan.com/en/


Why our customer say : « We highly recommend the dynamic VCD team! »

We are really satisfied with our website, designed and built by the VCD team, including Mimi Royer, senior designer and project manager.

From the beginning and throughout the project, we salute the professionalism and technical knowledge of Mimi which allowed us to define what we wanted. But it is particularly thanks to her commitment and her diligent and tireless follow-up 🙂 of the production calendar that the mandate was able to come to a successful conclusion, despite the pitfalls of any project of this kind.

With our rating of 9+ out of 10, it goes without saying that we highly recommend this dynamic team.”

Group Quadriscan


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