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New Logo + New Website: A winning rebrand that generates sales for our client, STA Boxes.


The project, in a nutshell :

STA IconeMr Yves St-Amour, owner-partner of STA Boxes, contacted VCOMMDESIGN to improve the brand image of his company that manufactures quick connection enclosures with Cam-Lok connectors, for the electrical industry.


What was done, in a few words:

Regarding the logo and its application we designed a simple yet modern look revolving around these three components:

• the use of black and yellow, two colors that are common to that industry;
• a modern typographical treatment for the STA company name;
• a graphic icon representing electricity

These same principles of a modern graphic design simplicity and the same color scheme were applied to all of the company’s marketing publications including its new website.


This is what it looks like:

Image rebrand project - STA

Visit the website here : https://www.boitiersta.com/

In the end, what really matters to our client,… are the results!

« From our logo to our B2B website, we are more than satisfied with our REBRANDING PROJECT as executed by VCD (Vincenzo Comm Design).

Our satisfaction is even greater considering that our new website regularly generates price requests that ultimately convert to qualified orders.

We recommend VCD without hesitation to anyone who wants more results from their marketing actions.»

— Yves St-Amour, Owner-Partner, STA BOXES INC.

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