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New one-page website

This new one-page website, designed and produced for Barbeau Vitres d’Autos, offers an up-to-date look at the company and its service offering.


Established in 1965, Barbeau Vitres d’Autos continued to evolve over time to serve all of its customers; therefore, this new one-page website is in keeping with this evolution.

With a street-front location in Montreal for more than six decades, Barbeau Vitres d’Autos is the perfect workshop for anyone needing excellent windshield-related products and services, for all types of vehicles; and you can add to that other expertises and a smart inventory of electronic accessories.

Julie and Martin, who are at the helm of the company today, wanted a new website – and after discussing with them and pinpointing their needs, we recommended them a one-page website: a kind of showcase where you can access at a glance the comapny profile and its service offering… why make it complicated when it can be simple 🙂

Visit the site here: https://www.barbeauvitresdautos.com/en/


What our client had to say :

«We are really happy with our new one-page website produced by VCOMMDESIGN (VCD). Its clean and up-to-date design perfectly meets our objectives by giving us a strong competitive presence which will naturally result in new customers.

As for client satisfaction, we very much appreciated eveyone’s professionalism, attentivenes and know-how; I can say that we were given incredible service!

It is without hesitation that we recommend VCD to any SME owner-manager looking for a trustworthy resource.» 

Julie et Martin
Owners, Barbeau vitres d’autos

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