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Website Design :

To complement Hillside Tennis Club’s fund-raising drive for its Facilities Enhancement Project

Hillside Project-Website-Computer- Screenshot

Hillside Tennis Club asked V COMM DESIGN to create and produce a simple website design.

The purpose of the site was to keep all Club members updated regarding the progress of the fund-raising drive for its Facilities Enhancement Project.

Website design context and parameters

Over the years the Hillside Tennis Club, which dates back to 1925,  has had its share of improvements.

But to accommodate the ever-changing demands of the times and in view of the Club’s 100th anniversary in the horizon (2025) the Club Directorship launched a fund-raising drive to help cover the costs of its first major upgrade of the Clubhouse in 40 years.

Specifically, our mandate at V COMM DESIGN was to produce a simple website design whose purpose was to keep the Hillside Tennis Club’s members updated as to the different milestones of the Facilities Enhancement Project. 

Another parameter for the website design was to have it reflect the Hillside’s already existing brand image for the Tennis Club , including the colour scheme. 

The result — a brief overview

These images of the HOME page and the  SEE THE PLANS page give you a good overview of this informative website design. 

HOME page

The Home page of this website design serves as an introduction to the Facilities Enhancement Project. On the site itself, as one scrolls down the page, the milestones of the said project appear in a mild animation effect.


The See The Plans page of this website is a portfolio of images of both architecture plans and renderings, thus presenting to the members a graphic visualization of the end-result of the Facilities Enhancement Project. 

If you’d like to see the site visit : https://www.hillsideproject.ca
Note: this website will stay up only until the Facilities Enhancement Project is completed.

What our client thinks about our website design

« We are very satisfied with the overall project’s execution and the final result of our new website. Mimi Royer, Chief designer and Project Manager, delivered exactly what was promised, on time, on budget and all backed by a strong professional commitment to client satisfaction. 

I truly appreciated the very involved tutorial step which gave me a sense of control on how to manage my website’s content. 

I would recommend any business to consider discussing their upcoming website project with VCD as I feel they would get the same quality of service. »

Ms Jasmin Uhthoff
Hillside Member
Communications Lead



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