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Website makeover :

KK Technologies, a battery of services for hi-tech industries



See how this website that we created and built for KK Technologies Inc., uses a simple but modern design and intuitive navigation to successfully showcase KK Technologies’ expertise and capabilities to service its clients in very specialized industries.


The Project Intent :

Targeting a high-tech clientele in telecommunications, aerospace and military industries, the President (Mr. Martin Harris) and the Vice-President (Mr. Carsten Crooks) wanted a website that would perfectly represent KK Technologies Inc. which is itself at the forefront of modern manufacturing through the use of advanced technologies and next-generation industrial processes.

The Result? Here is a preview.

This new site with its professional look perfectly fulfills the Project Intent above; in part thanks to the following components:

– an easy to navigate site plan;
– a GALLERY of projects section with a category filtering system;
– a private CLIENT ACCESS section;
– all graphically enhanced through simple but modern design elements.

KK Technologie website design preview image

Visit http://www.kktech.ca to get a closer look

What our client had to say :

« We truly like our new website’s intuitive design and modern look, as created by VCD (Vincenzo CommDesign). 

In addition to delivering a truly professional result, both Mimi & Vincenzo, principals of VCD, were very helpful and attentive to our needs throughout the process; clearly, they strive to fulfill their commitment to their client’s satisfaction.

Carsten Crooks, Vice-President
KK Technologies Inc.

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