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New website :
U SALON BOUTIQUE, distinctive and elegant!


Here is a stylish website design whose look and feel is in keeping with U SALON BOUTIQUE’s brand image; and all geared at enhancing the user’s experience.



The Project’s Intent :

The 3 principals of U SALON BOUTIQUE hired VCD (Vincenzo CommDesign) to design and build a new website to reflect the following corporate values:

– offer their clientele a high-end experience;
– always be at the forefront of their industry’s trends and technologies;
– and, through continued training programs, always maintain very high professional standards.

The Result

This beautiful website design is in keeping with U SALON BOUTIQUE’s brand image of elegance and distinction; while its content and functionalities aim at satisfying the expectations of the salon’s varied and distinctive clientele.

Here are some noteworthy elements:

– a black and white themed design to help accentuate the overall message
– an easy to fill online form to reserve your next appointment
– a Gallery section with stylish Photos and Videos



For a closer look, visit http://www.usalonboutique.ca/en/

What our client had to say : « On a scale of 1 to 10, you (VCD) score a 13! »

        « In our view, this is one of the most beautiful websites in our industry; furthermore, it is easy and fast to surf on any device. This is a strong feature that allows every visitor to quickly find what he/she is looking for.

        « In fact, with this website design, U SALON BOUTIQUE positions itself at the forefront in the use of modern technologies, to the benefit of today’s clients.

        « We strongly recommend the VCOMMDESIGN team for its attentiveness, expertise, speed and commitment to delivering an excellent result, and most notably Mimi Royer who expertly managed the overall project. »

— Tristan Charbonneau, Owner-partner


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