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Augmented Reality to boost Marketing response

Augmented Reality can boost Marketing responses to a whole new level!


Beyond the “wow” effect of augmented reality (AR) in the entertainment business, this surprising technology can help put your marketing in overdrive so you can get more clients and prospects to answer your calls-to-action!


With a few short videos, this article explains what is augmented reality (AR) and how it is used by many companies and organizations to boost their marketing to another level by presenting their marketing message in a way that is more vivid and captivating for their clients and prospects.

As you read about the different examples, consider how you could use AR to boost your own marketing.

Augmented Reality simply explained in a few words

The descriptive term “augmented reality” stems from the fact that we add to (we augment) an existing reality, as seen through the camera lens of a smart device, by superimposing, in real time, a digitally produced content such as videos, animations, factsheets, catalog pages, etc., all which are hosted on a server; the most recent example being the Pokémon Go craze.

Here is an example of the use of AR by Ikea which, in 2014, offered its catalog with augmented reality function; note that Ikea has most recently continued to use AR in its 2016 catalog.

(Run time: 1 min. 23 sec.)


Actively engaging your clients and prospects is a key strength of Augmented Reality in marketing

You can use the AR to actively engage your target audiences vis-à-vis your message and get them to interact with you.

For example, see this use of Augmented Reality for direct mail. All begins with a postcard from which ensues a number of interactions including a call to action to buy the product.

(Run time: 23 sec.)


The 4 components needed for any Augmented Reality project

1- It all starts with an AR app to download and install on a smart device; this app is used as scanner when one wants to activate the Augmented Reality.

2- The next step is to produce the digital content that you want to have appear in Augmented Reality (video, graphic imagery, animations, etc.) and to host it on a high-performance server.

3- We now have to create a target-visual that will be recognizable by the AR app.The visual in question is called a trigger, a marker or a tracker, and it can be any graphic element you choose: a logo, a photo, a symbol. Also note that some applications can use GPS coordinates to trigger the AR content.

4- Those who have the app on their smart device can now simply direct the camera lens of their device towards the marker that is positioned in the actual reality and the app will trigger the superimposition on the screen of the second reality, i.e. the produced digital content.


The augmented impact of Branding through Augmented Reality

Many companies recognize the marketing value of AR and have used it to showcase their brand by creating an interesting, engaging and surely memorable interactive experience for their target audiences.

Below, see this public-relations AR event by Coca-Cola in partnership with WWF; and, FYI, other well-known brands such as Visa, BBC and National Geographic have also used AR in public venues to showcase their brands.

(Run time: 1 min. 41 sec.)


Augmented reality: from entertainment to marketing and more

The technology of Augmented Reality is already very accessible and it is used in many more ways than just marketing.

Add to this the fact that manufacturers of smart devices will be fitting their future products with AR capabilities, making the experience available to all users in a variety of ways …

Augmented Signage Systems

Point your camera at a street marker or even a building and see, in real-time, information about:

Augmented Reality Information– the nearest subway stations
– where to find taxi stands
– facts & figures of interesting landmarks
– a restaurant’s menu
– what is showing in a museum
– and other such information.

Augmented Education

Through AR, students can have displayed the large pyramids in 3D; or can see a atoms coming together to form a complex molecule; or even prepare a chemical mixture.

Augmented Technical Support

An AR marker found on a piece of equipment or apparatus triggers the appearance of technical specifications and operating instructions with video, either on a tablet, a smart phone or AR glasses.

But how can your Small or Medium sized Business or organization factor Augmented Reality into your marketing?

The possibilities and variations are limited only by the imagination; just look at the few examples mentioned above.

And please note, it is not necessary that your AR effect be grandiose or complex! What counts is that it is informative and useful, and so much better if one can add a dash of entertainment.

Here is a relatively simple example of the use of AR by a SMB; see how the messaging in the AR leads the prospect to interact with the representative’s business card.

(Run time: 1 min. 18 sec.)

Augmented Reality is for you if …

If your augmented reality project generates more sales, more recognition and more interaction than its cost, then yes it’s for you.

In the end, everything is about marketing objectives and return on investment But whatever the case, as far as marketing communications goes,

AR needs to be seriously considered in any strategic planning, since Augmented Reality is now an everyday reality.

Would you like to use AR to boost your marketing, or even your company’s productivity?

If you want us to help you set up an AR project for your business or organization, let’s talk about it.

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