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Why Case Studies are a great sales and marketing tool, in this digital era!

The use of Case Studies by companies and organizations to promote their services or products is not necessarily new.

Case-Study and content marketingHowever, in view of the information-driven medias of this digital marketing era, producing and publishing Case Studies is a smart investment of your time and dollars, and here’s why.



A Case Study is really a story

A Case Study is a kind of story about a project or a mandate that you have successfully completed for one of your clients.

This story begins with a difficulty, a problem or a need of the client in question; it continues with constraints, challenges or expectations attached to the client and his project; and ends with your solution which makes everyone happy 🙂


Why a story? Two simple reasons!

1- Because, as human beings, we like stories. When someone says “Let me tell you a story…” or ” Once upon a time I had this client…» we become all ears.

2- And we appreciate the familiarity of story-telling. We know that a story starts with a challenging-sort of situation usually with various complications; that is followed by other information giving us a sense of an outcome; and all leading to a conclusion to the story.

[ In other words, since we know the pattern of a story,
we can easily track with the story-teller.]

In marketing, the Case Study’s hero is the product or service you offer.

Setting up a Case Study is like structuring a storyline:

1- you must introduce the subject: your client, the project and the context;
2- you then describe the situation to be solved, and how it is a problem for your client;
3- you list and describe any other challenge(s);
4- you introduce your product or service by illustrating how it helped solve the situation;
5- and the story ends with an eloquent testimonial from the client in question.

The Case Study educates and convinces your prospects

For your prospects, reading one of your Case Studies allows them to learn about your ability to analyze the problem and the needs of the client in question; they also read about your process to solve this problem, your knowledge of the subject, all applied to the final result. Your client’s testimonial is used to cement, in a prospect’s mind, the fact that you have everything he might need to solve his own situation.

In this digital era, the rise of content marketing is another reason to use Case Studies for your marketing

Once written, you can publish your Case Study on your website; turn it into a blog article; publish it on sites in your industry (with a link to your site); make a PowerPoint version and offer it as a webinar; or present it at a business networking meeting; besides that you can also post it on social medias.

Do you have a “story” to tell? We’re listening!

Whether it’s a PDF document, a PowerPoint presentation, or even a webinar, we can help you create and produce interesting Case Studies for your business or organization. Just call us.

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