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Landing Page Basics

Use this simple but effective web marketing tactic to generate measurable ROI

It is a fact that the use of a landing page plays an important role as an effective internet marketing tactic; as such, this brief article simply explains what it is and the different ways that you can use it for your own internet marketing plan.


What is Landing Page, really ?


In a few words…
Landing Page is web jargon that describes a specific web page on which the target visitors “land” after having clicked on a web advertisement, a hyperlink within an email or even on a button or link within a website one is visiting.

landing page example

The above landing page example offers a « Free Competitive Website Analysis ». Click on image to go to the webpage.

What does it look like?

Typically, the landing page presents a two-step message :

step 1: a single marketing message with a relevant offer that would interest the targeted visitors;

step 2: the more interested web visitors can avail themselves of the offer by submitting a form or clicking on a button. The use of video is very useful for certain types of landing pages.


In straight marketing terms, what is the purpose of this type of page?


1- To develop prospects (leads)
A landing page is used to present relevant and attractive marketing offers to get visitors to click through or complete a form so as to get more information, to try a software, to enter a contest or to download a coupon, etc.

The visitor that clicked on the offer actually self-identified himself/herself as a qualifiable “prospect” looking for services or products that you offer.

2- To sell
Note that for some activities the landing page is used to sell a product or service directly online. In this case, the landing page can be seen working as a direct response advertisement or an infomercial when a video is used.

3- To test
Before developing or selling, if the organization’s marketing team wants to test the variable factors between 2 or 3 offers, then they can have a landing page developed for each offer and have a similar number of visitors sent to each one so as to see which offer scores best.

A homepage as landing page?


The principle of a landing page can be integrated directly onto the home page of certain types of sites. Especially when one is considering having a new website, such a landing page is the better alternative to the conventional “Under construction” page.

How are prospects made to arrive at your landing page?


You can use all of the web and non-web marketing tools available: from internet-based tactics such as Google AdWords campaigns to seo and social networks, to the more traditional medias of magazines, direct mail, radio, TV, etc.

All these media are used to present an intriguing message that pushes the person to an intended landing page; it is the landing page that does the job of converting visitors into prospects.

What is required to ensure the effectiveness of your landing page ?


It is quite basic. The quality and quantity of response one gets from landing pages are dependent on at least these 2 factors:

  1. a most desirable, if not irresistible, offer
  2. marketing actions that pull strongly pre-qualified prospects to the landing page.


Make the landing page part of your web marketing arsenal


The use of landing pages is a must if you want effective measurable internet marketing.

Keep in mind that there are several types of landing pages possible, each with its purpose; but in all cases the objective is to obtain a measurable response! So how you use it strategically is key to your success.


What type of landing page should you use ?  Ask us!

If you want to discuss the type of landing page that would work best for you, then call me or fill out and submit our contact form : we can definitely help you make your marketing succeed… in this digital era.

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