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Five types of logo designs


The 5 categories of logos that you can use

When the time comes for a business executive to commission a designer to develop a logo, they would benefit from knowing these five categories of logos, so as to be better able to discuss preferences and expectations and so give the project a good start.


The Oxford dictionary defines LOGO as « a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc. »

In more practical and visual terms, here are the 5 types of designs that you should consider.

1- The logotype

Combining the words logo and typography, LOGOTYPE describes any company name, trademark or other identifier that is written with a typography that has been officially assigned to them by the designer. We can also graphically alter abbreviations – also called acronyms – of an organization; or  just a single letter.

The assigned typography can be taken, as is, from the the publicly available typefaces; it can be a modified version of the chosen font; or it may have been designed from scratch, as we did for URAD.

Examples of logotypes

2- The logo-pictogram

This kind of logo consists mainly of a figurative design, recognizable and often stylized; generally, the pictogram is accompanied by a logotype.

For example, Air Canada’s maple leaf and Apple’s apple are logo pictograms. As are the other logos shown here that we designed for clients of ours.

Examples of logo-pictograms

3- The logo-symbol

By symbol, we mean an abstract (i.e. non-figurative) image that has meaning only when we are given an explanation. Often, these symbols are developed from a figurative image that is graphically refined until it retains only the essential.

Well-known examples include the Canada Post Corporation flying envelope, the 5 rings for the Olympic Games and the CBC symbol, which represents an outward pulsing of a signal.

As with the pictogram, these symbols accompany logotypes; until that time when the symbol is so well known that the associated brand name can be dropped, as NIKE does.

Exemples of logo symbols

4- The logo-hybrid

Some logos are a fusion of the preceding categories wherein a logotype is graphically integrated with a pictogram or a symbol, or vice-versa.

Exemples of logo-hybrids

5- The logo-crest

This last category gathers all those logos that are designed to evoke or represent a type of heraldic crest, or give the idea of an official stamp. Commonly, these logo-crests are designed within a geometric shape such as an oval, a square, a circle, etc.

Examples of logo-crests

Which one to choose for your needs?

 In order to have a logo with distinctive treatment that will appeal to the target audience, often the decision of which graphic treatment to choose is partly analytical and partly arbitrary.

The analytical decision assesses three areas:

  1. what the logo should evoke as information;
  2. what are the affinities and familiarities of the target audience;
  3. what type of logos are used by the competition.

The arbitrary decision is based on instinct and / or the natural affinities of the business people in the decision-making; their own appreciation, as arbitrary as it is, is not to be neglected, because after all the logo will be the organization’s representative for a while!

 Remember that there is no questioning taste

The importance and value of logos, like many other items such as cars, fashion and furniture, are often subject to the tastes and opinions of everyone. But whatever these tastes and opinions are, a well-designed logo becomes a significant differentiator for your marketing brand.


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