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Marketing Automation on the Web… Demystified !

marketing-automation-part-1How Web-Driven Marketing Automation helps you perform the 5 core actions of any business development process…continuously!




First off, what is internet-driven marketing automation ?

Internet-driven marketing automation — also known as automated marketing — is a system that combines different marketing tactics with web technologies so as to continuously and automatically increase the number of prospective clients in your database for you to market to, thus increasing your return on investment.

And all while, you are taking care of other aspects of your day-to-day business activity.

In fact, a marketing automation system when properly set-up and triggered operates 24/7 to help you in your business development process.


Marketing Automation and the 5 core on-going business development actions

More to the point, in a quasi-mechanical fashion and with practically no human intervention, a web-driven marketing automation system performs the following 5 essential tasks of any successful business development process:

1- regularly attract to your website pre-qualified prospective clients that are “searching with purchase intent” for your type of services or products;

2- convince your visitors that you offer what they need;

3- have them sign-up to a database by offering access to some free worthwhile incentive; the idea being to build a growing database of interested prospects — because as is often stated by direct marketing professionals «the money is in the list».

4- convert the interest of these prospective clients into a tangible marketing interaction, which varies according to the following two business models:

a) on a transactional website, the objective is a direct purchase of a product, an entertainment or business service, etc.

b) on a non-transactional site, then we are looking for a request for a business consult such as a formal presentation, a demo, a quotation, etc.;

5- regularly follow-up on all your prospective clients to remind them of the value of your offer or upsell them other products, services or activities.


And, most importantly, these five steps can be automated to your needsLe cycle des 5 fonctions de tout développement des affaires

The technologies involved in a well thought out marketing automation system make these five steps work like cogwheels, each one nested into the other; together they can be set in motion to automate your marketing at your pace.

This means you can simply stop the automation or slow it down when you have to much new business; and you re-start it when you need to develop more business.


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What marketing automation system is good for you?

 What would be the correct series of automated tasks your business or organization could benefit from?
If you have an interest and want a third-party objective assessment for your needs, call us or use our contact form.

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