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The newsletter, an essential marketing tool for your organization.

The newsletter is one of the most efficient tools you can use to get more results out of your marketing program!

The numbers don’t lie:

Regularly sending out a newsletter will constantly generate positive results both in terms of building brand loyalty and in terms of financial return on investment.


The Newsletter is a relational marketing tool

The newsletter falls under what is known as relational marketing which covers any action that it is used by an organization to maintain and enhance an already existing relationship both with its present customer base and its prospects, all with the end purpose of accomplishing its communication and marketing objectives.

The repercussions of a newsletter are quite positive on a number of levels

In that regard, when a newsletter is skillfully used, the repercussions are always positive in more ways than one:

  • be constantly present in the minds of your clients and prospects
  • re-activate inactive or delinquent clients
  • stimulate engagement with prospects in your sales funnel

Here are three statistics that should convince you

Thousands of organizations of all kinds send out newsletters to strengthen their overall marketing ; and when one looks at the statistics, the results are an undeniable proof of this communication tool’s efficiency.

From the many studies on newsletter effectiveness, here are three statistics which, in my opinion, illustrate the importance of a newsletter as a marketing tool — all in all, the numbers speak for themselves :

In B2B:

  • 50% of respondents said their purchase was influenced by newsletters (B2B Usability);
  • 40% of marketers say they have obtained high-quality leads through their e-mail marketing (Software Advice Survey)..

In B2C:

  • 44% of respondents said they made at least one (1) purchase because of a newsletter (Convince and convert).

How can a newsletter actually generate responses to your offer?

Here is the 3-step formula of how a newsletter program is used to generate response :

1) through a regular distribution you maintain and strengthen your brand awareness;

2) through pertinent and strategic content you demonstrate and convince your clients of the value of your marketing offer;

3) through the use of tactical calls to action you get the most interested to respond to your offer (requests, transactions, shares, etc.). 

“Don’t waste my time! ”

In our world of information overflow, we have all developed a kind of filtering reflex in the face of the huge amount of paper or digital documents that we have to deal with. Knowing this, it is obvious that for any publication to be read, it must present subject matters that are most relevant and useful to readers.

The keynote of success is “help”.

Your newsletter should really aim to help improve your readers’ quality of professional and/or personal life. So a newsletter that regularly provides how-to articles, case studies, industry information and even relevant promotional offers will not only be read, but will possibly be shared.

And don’t forget a call to action

Ultimately, since a newsletter is a marketing tool it should also be used to prompt commercial interaction from your readers. So, don’t forget to offer your customers some type of call to action or promotional incentive to get them to respond to you.


So,… what’s your news ?

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