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Here are nine (9) reasons why investing time and money in a monthly SEO program may not be right for you.

Definitely that an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program can be quite justified for certain types of companies and organizations; the fact is, when warranted, we recommend SEO work for some of our clients.

 However, for other types of businesses there are 9 good reasons not to invest in a monthly SEO program for their website.

Could this be your case?

It may be that you feel a little overwhelmed by the numerous messages advocating that you absolutely need to invest in an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program for your website generate a worthwhile return on investment; but I tell you that it’s not exactly true.

Let’s start by putting SEO in its marketing context

The purpose of a website is to properly present what you have to offer to your visitors and in such a way as to have them either get in touch with you or, in the case of a transactional site, to place an order.

For this to happen, your website needs qualified visitors. And to attract these visitors, you can use SEO, or any of the other internet marketing technologies at your service as described in this article : Internet Marketing : 6 technologies at your service

Before anything else, it is important to separate out the two phases of SEO for a website:

Phase 1: Construction of a website
It is at this time that a series of SEO-related actions are done — these actions are a must for every website.

Phase 2: Generating traffic to that website
This is done by implementing an SEO program over a period of several months and, in cases of huge websites, it is a monthly task, year in and year out.

This article calls into question, for some, the need for this second phase.


Nine (9) reasons why SEO may not be right for you


1- A search volume too low

If no one or very few people use search engines to look for your type of product, service or activity, then an SEO program may be a costly action due to poor ROI. 

2- Limited competition

You have few competitors in your industry and/or market; and yourself with all of the competitors combined suffice to meet the demand of all buyers in that industry/market. 

3- A very strong brand awareness

In your industry, you and/or your organization are known by the vast majority of the customers you want to reach. Even more than that, either yourself or your organization are such a reference in your industry that your name or your brand’s name are, themselves, unique keywords that drive your SEO ranking.

4- Referrals and business opportunities obtained otherwise

Obtaining “leads” in your industry is best done through getting referrals from satisfied customers or business contacts during networking, rather than through the web. Plus you may have an excellent reward system for referrals of new prospects.

5- A public tendering system

Your business targets governmental and para-governmental organizations that use a public call for tenders to find suppliers for their project requirements – the task is on you to be on the lookout for these calls.

6- Quick results wanted

If you want results quickly, SEO is really not for you. In terms of internet marketing, you will be better off using online advertising tactics (displaying ads on web platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.) as described in our article Internet Marketing : 6 technologies at your service

7- Variable content and always changing

If you have a website that mainly offers time-sensitive promotions, or offers an ever-changing inventory of products, then you will not benefit from any return with SEO since it depends. in part, on a constancy of use of the keywords pertaining to your website’s content.

8- Limited resources in time and / or money

You do not have the financial means or the personnel needed to manage and execute a whole range of actions that are part of a monthly SEO program, month after month after month. To learn more read : Ten SEO quality parameters for best website ranking on Google

9- Dominant competition

By dominant competition we mean, for example, trying to sell the same kinds of products or services that are also offered by organizations that have big budgets allowing them to be all-over the web; organizations such as Amazon, Canadian Tire, Rona, Best Buy, Dyson, etc.

And dominant competition also means trying to compete with acquired SEO ranking of organizations that have been working the SEO for a long time; this longevity being an important criterion for search engines.

Side note: In such scenarios, it is not impossible to carve out one’s place; but it will require a good strategy, good tactics and especially the means to maintain an ongoing SEO program, because the battle will be intense.


Conversely, SEO is a great option for you if …


  1. The keywords relevant to what you offer are highly sought after;
  2. There are many competitors in your industry fighting for market share;
  3. your brand is little or not known;
  4. you do not have a system or other ways to get referrals;
  5. you are targeting consumers and/or for-profit businesses and corporations;
  6. you can afford to wait 3 to 6 months to see results;
  7. what you offer remains a constant;
  8. you have the necessary staff and/or budget;
  9. You work in a market and an industry where you can make your place.


So what should you do?


To begin with, take the time to do a thorough analysis of both perspectives of these 9 reasons — to use or not use SEO ; this worthwhile exercise will certainly guide you to a clear cut decision.

Afterwards, should you want our input…

You are welcome to contact us; we’ll be very glad to guide you along and see what is best for you and your business

And should you conclude that you would like an SEO program, then we can work with you to establish the right actions based on your objectives and budget.


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