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These 10 seo-related Quality Parameters are key to getting a favorable website ranking by Google

Getting a favorable website ranking on the first page of Google or, for that matter, on any search engine is an ongoing process.

Although Google uses over 200 criteria to rank websites, in the end they all concern any one of these Quality Parameters, if not all of them.

So this list of 10 Website Ranking Quality Parameters tells one what should be expected from any SEO program.


As we know, Google has completely changed how a search engine finds and submits pages of websites in response to requests from users; thus the whole subject of website ranking.

In essence, by analyzing over time how users interact with the searched websites, Google has established more than 200 criteria that determine a website ranking; these criteria affect to varying degrees the following ten quality parameters for a favorable website ranking by Google.

So, here are the 10 website ranking quality parameters that make Google happy


Website ranking quality #1: Content that targets search queries

This has to do with the content of a website that corresponds as much as possible to the queries that are made by Internet users for a given subject. Some of these queries can be quite specific.


Website ranking quality #2: Search engine friendly website for robots

Technically speaking, a website must be built following specific guidelines that answer up to the 200 Google criteria for website ranking; in that way, a website is easily accessible by search engine robots that can crawl along the links as smoothly as possible.


Website ranking quality #3: Value of hyperlinks : quantity versus quality

As the internet revolves around the exchange of information, favorable website ranking by search engines also depends on the site having a large number of quality hyperlinks – ie. that allow the sharing of information. And by quality we mean that the subjects of these hyperlinks are all relevant to each other. These hyperlinks are of 3 types: incoming, outgoing and within-the-site.


Website ranking quality #4: Visitor-intent satisfaction

The Google search criteria allow its robots to recognize if a website actually satisfies its visitors intent. This is done by many metrics such as : visit duration, number of pages visited, accomplishment of set goals and also the bounce rate (the % of visitors that leave a website without having interacted with other pages).


Website Ranking Quality # 5: The uniqueness of the content

The more the content of your site is unique, both in its presentation and in its substance, the more Google assigns a positive value. Keep in mind that the AI of today’s search engines allows them to easily recognize when the content of a website is a basically a copycat version of another site; and any site that does that gets penalized by Google.


Website ranking quality #6: Google’s E.A.T : Expertise-Authority-Trust

E.A.T. are the Google stated quality characteristics used to establish the credibility of any content.

Specifically, for Google, the value of a website and its content is based on these three elements:

– the Expertise of the content’s author;

– the Authority of the content’s author, the content per se and the website itself;

– the degree of Trustworthiness of the content’s author, the content per se and the website itself;


Website ranking quality #7: Newness of content

Whenever a Google robot visits your website, it notes, as part of its criterias, any new and fresh content one may have added, such as articles, sections, visuals, etc. New content means that the website is active and thus worth submiting to search queries.


Website ranking quality #8: Click-through-rate (CTR)

Simply stated, if your website is submitted to 1000 people following their search query, and 10 click on your link, then your CTR for that instance is 1%. Click-through-rates are directly proportional to point 1,5, 6 and 7 above. The higher the CTR of a webpage, the more that webpage will be favoured by Google in its website ranking.


Website ranking quality #9: Download speed

Google knows that Internet users really like website pages that download in less than 3 seconds. So the faster a website page downloads, the more that page will be favourably ranked; and vice-versa.


Website ranking quality #10: Responsive : multi-screen compatibility

This is a given in today’s website environment; basically if you want your website to be search-engine-friendly so it gets a favorable website ranking, then make sure it adapts itself to tablets and smart phones.


These 10 Website Ranking Quality Parameters help direct a strong SEO program


Meeting these ten seo-related quality parameters requires continuous work since Google regularly refines its ranking criteria so as to conform to the habits and expectations of millions of Internet users who make billions of searches on the web.


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