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In today’s competitive web environment, your own website’s success rests on these 3 must-have, basic and essential construction characteristics for all internet sites.

If you want your website to successfully compete in today’s web environment, make sure you and your webdesigner plan for these 3 most basic characteristics in the design and construction of your website.


1- Multi-screen compatibility

Web-Site-Internet-ResponsiveToday, visitors browse the web from their computers, via their tablets and mobile phones, to finish with their smart TV.

Needless to say, if you are planning to build a new website you will have to consider all of these possibilities when preparing your own project’s design and construction specifications; and the same holds true even if you are only considering updating an existing site.

In some cases, the web platforms used adapt automatically to the chosen viewing screen. In other cases, one must create independant adaptive/responsive website versions; this may be needed due to the type of website and/or to satisfy the targeted internet visitors’ browsing habits.


2- User-friendly experience

Regardless of the screen of choice by the different visitors, they all want their visit to the site itself and its content to be as smooth as possible.

What is meant by «smooth visit» ?

Quite simply, a website visitor wants:positive-multiple-faces
– to quickly find what he is looking for;
– read the information in the language of his choice;
– download documentation;
– refer the site or information to a friend;
– and/or view audio-visuals without difficulties.

And if it’s an e-commerce site then he wants to:
– browse the items;
– make his choice;
– know the cost;
– complete the order;
– verify and pay for his order;
– and finally receive a successful transaction confirmation.

In short, he wants his experience of using your site to be fast and without a hitch, that is to say: user-friendly.


3- Website optimization for search engines

Search engines sort out and submit all internet sites that have been built in accordance with certain technical parameters — known as optimization — including, among others:

– the use of relevant keywords both in the structure (onsite optimization) and in the actual content of the site;
– unbroken links to other areas of the site or out-linking to other sites;
– webpages need to have a maximum download speed of 3 seconds, preferably much less.

What this means is that, in addition to being user-friendly, your site has to be search-engine-friendly.


Plan to save

When we (VCD) are called upon to create websites for our customers, we plan and structure all the work according to these three (3) fundamental characteristics of a well-built website.

In this way, everything is taken into consideration and so there is no added-cost surprises along the way.


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