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Do you really need a «responsive» website now?

Definitely… and these numbers tell you why!


A responsive website is an essential technical standard when thinking about developing a new website; especially because more and more people are using their mobiles to surf the web.

So if you are wondering whether it is absolutely necessary that you get a responsive website, the answer is definitely yes, and here is why.

responsive website design is a site whose design is programmed to automatically adapt to different formats of digital devices: from computer screens to laptops, smart phones and tablets.

The main advantage of a responsive design, for your website visitors, is that they can surf and comfortably view the same website using a wide range of devices, without having to scroll horizontally or laterally, zoom in and zoom out of the content, which actions greatly depreciate the user experience.

responsive website for different personas

Here are just 3 stats that show the importance of responsive websites

 These three statistics from 2018 on the use of mobile phones to access the internet show the importance for a company or an organization to have a responsive website:

  • 86% of Canadians have a mobile phone; we are talking 30 million individuals;
  • 52.2% of web traffic comes from mobile phones; this means that 1 person out of 2 visits your website using their iPhone, Android, Samsung or Huawei;
  • 90% of mobile phones belong to people in the 18-49 demographic; these individuals are, on average, more tech-conversant and therefore they are used to, and so expect, a smooth experience when surfing the web.

In terms of marketing, a responsive website is an important asset

With these figures, which are constantly increasing, we see the importance for marketing success by having a responsive website that will allow all your customers easy access to your website’s content, whatever the device they choose to use.

A responsive website allows you to make your information easily accessible to your visitors via their mobile devices; that engagement increases the odds in your favor for business development purposes.

Otherwise, a non-responsive website is, for sure, a hindrance

site-non-adaptatif-rébarbatifIndeed, the content of a non-responsive website shows up in a small size, difficult to read and navigate – thus making the user experience inconvenient, which will cause users to rapidly move on to another website.

This is especially important when one knows that most people do not want to spend more than 3 to 5 seconds to find the information, service or product they are looking for when visiting a website.

Plus, consider the following 3 factors

1- Your competitors :
you can be certain that more and more of your competitors’ websites are either already responsive or in the process of becoming so, giving them an edge over non-responsive websites.

2- Your business development:
as already mentioned, a website that is accessible via all devices means that you do not lose business opportunities when a prospect arrives at your site.

3- Your brand image:
a responsive website means that your organization or company is technologically “connected” and in tune with its client base and industry needs.

And what’s more, it’s an important SEO criteria for Google

In addition to the above stats and factors, since 2015, Google officially priorizes mobile-responsive websites in its search results. So your website’s responsiveness is an extra SEO factor.

A responsive website is strategically smart

Obviously having a responsive website is not an obligation. But, considering all these facts and numbers, and with the growing number of apps for smart devices, the conclusion is obvious: having a responsive website is a strategically smart decision.

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