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Newsletter success : 15 guidelines


Newsletter success?

Here are 15 Guidelines to keep you on the right track.

If you are thinking of publishing a newsletter or you are already doing so, then use these 15 proven guidelines to make sure that your newsletter is an asset for your marketing.


It is a known fact that a Newsletter is an essential marketing tool and that it is very much used in successful marketing programs, and this is especially true in this digital age.

But, like with many other marketing actions, there are certain « do’s » that have proven to be more successful when one wants to publish a newsletter that is both useful and interesting; these do’s are summed up in the following 15 guidelines.


15 guidelines for a successful newsletter

1- Make sure all content is relevant and useful for your readers.

2- Publish interviews you’ve had with renowned business personalities.

3- Present successful case studies that your readers can relate to.

4- Offer how-to advice and articles on the “do’s” and “don’ts” of your industry.

5- Supply additional information resources.

6- Provide performance statistics and/or market trends.

7- Update your mailing lists; and quickly comply with withdrawal requests.

8- Publish your newsletter twice a month, or at least every month.

9- At least once a year, survey your readers about the content and their expectations.

10- Follow successful graphic design basics that makes reading easy

11- When appropriate, use advertising-like headlines and sub-heads.

12- Write the texts in an easy to read format, and avoid or at least define industry nomenclature

13- Don’t hold back inviting your readers to contact you for services or products, but do it within the editorial content.

14- Use your Newsletter to boost your SEO through proper web copywriting techniques; and also by sharing it on social medias, in forums, etc.

15- Avoid negative messaging or cynical criticism. Always suggest betterment ideas.



One could elaborate more extensively on each one of these guidelines by adding more specifics and examples. But as they stand, these 15 guidelines offer a recipe for newsletter success.


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