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Their new one-page website:

for everyone at Gestion Financière Intégrale, the net result is really positive!

Following a request by Mr. Benoît Côté, President of Gestion Financière Intégrale (GFI), we created this one-page website to showcase the entire range of services offered by his firm of financial planning professionals; and the net result is very positive.

GFI : a brief profile

The team at GFI serves a diverse clientele; indeed, whether it is an individual, a couple, a self-employed professional, senior executive or the managing principals of various types of organizations, GFI is able to serve the needs of everyone, all under 4 guiding principles: honesty, integrity, professionalism and respect

The premiss : in a few words

From the outset, it was clear to GFI’s President that their (old) site, which dated back to the time before smart devices, deserved a facelift in terms of both design and technology

Following an interview with Mr. Côté about the needs and objectives of a new website for his professional firm, we recommended that all that was needed was a one-page website.

This was, in our view, the right solution to showcase both GFI’s service offering and its financial planning team … and all on one page!

 The result: a quick overview

In the image below you’ll see identified 3 technical aspects that we used to give the visitors to the site a dynamic experience, as follows:

1- a slideshow of 4 images with marketing messages which heads up their one-page website; each image puts forth a GFI feature and/or benefit;

2- a basic yet lively visual effect applied to the different photos relating to the services discussed;

3- an «accordion» function used to introduce the team; essentially, by clicking on each name in its own box, the box opens downward to unveil the information; at the same time closing the box above – similar to an accordion motion.

Click here to visit this one-page website

What the client has to say about it all :

« My team and I are very satisfied with our new one-page website as designed and produced by VCD; the final result perfectly matches my expectations on all levels, both as to our intended message and our budget.

I particularly appreciated your (VCD’s) consultative approach; indeed, by your attentiveness and your professionalism I felt really advised.

It is without hesitation that I recommend your services.  I thank everyone at VCD.» 

Benoît Côté A.V.C., Pl.End.
Gestion Financière Intégrale Inc.

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