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When & Why You Should Update Your Website?

Here are 5 marketing reasons why updating your website is just simply good for business.


In business, as we all know, it is important to be aware of the needs and expectations of our customers. That being said, you also know that those same clients are evolving along with internet technologies.

Which is why these 5 marketing reasons serve to explain when & why of regularly updating your website makes good business sense; that is, if you want to maintain or even strengthen your market position.


1- Basic first reason : your visitors are kings!

Your website visitor is kingIn order for your website to attract, interest and engage visitors, you must essentially listen to them because they are the ones — your customers, prospects, and business partners — who set the technological evolution of the internet through their user-experience expectations.

This means that if they like the idea of ​​consulting a blog, if they want videos, or the possibility to request an online quote, you will have to update your website to add those functionalities.

Conversely, it is a statistical fact that a website that is lacking in technology goes against a positive user experience, which can lead to a loss of up 52% of your visitors, or more- and this percentage is growing.

Hence the main reason to update your website: your customers.

2- The browsers’ technological evolution

Update your website for seoInternet browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others are, themselves, evolving technologically to meet and anticipate the demands of users, so as to offer them the best possible Internet user-experience.

Consequently, these technological advancements make it necessary for you, as business manager, to keep up with those advancements by updating your website; and as time passes, the more it becomes necessary to do so.

As examples, consider simply the growing need for the SSL certificate so as to make websites more secure; or Google’s reCaptcha for securing online forms.

And let’s not forget the growing mobile phones’ requirement for responsive websites.

All these technological aspects have an impact on your marketing in the sense that your customers play with these technologies daily and, consequently, they expect no less from your website.

3- Keeping your content up-to-date

Updated website and contentAs your organization evolves, you may need to create new sections, add documentation, and/or introduce new services or products or people.

Which is why, today, millions of websites are built using Content Management Systems; these allow any site owner to rapidly make content changes so as to always have their websites present the most current information.

And remember that updating your website by regularly adding new content is one of Google’s SEO parameters, for better ranking opportunities.

4- Stay contemporary in the eyes of your customers

Ancienne-technologieDesign wise, over time websites shift in look and style; the intent is to appeal to a more and more savvy target group

And since in our society image often speaks louder than words, a site that seems dated — whether its design and/or technology —will hinder visitors engagement or, worst, will spur them to leave.

So it is worth reviewing a website every 3 years so as to keep its content, design and technology up-to-date; doing so demonstrates evolution and dynamism on the part of the website owner.

5- Make use of new internet marketing technologies

Idées et technologies internetUpdating your website opens the door to fully using the most current internet marketing technologies.

In fact, whether it is the use of social medias as a complement to your website, or of improving your website ranking through tactical SEO tactics, or even the use of statistical analysis such as Analytics, these are all marketing tools that can be used to increase your websites value as a business development tool.

Thus, once a website is updated in terms of its technology, its content and its design, then we can focus on generating traffic via these tools of internet marketing.

Recommended periodic review

The internet will continue to evolve at the pace and demands of users. In doing so, the technologies will also be called to change, to disappear, to refine, etc. By staying abreast of this evolution, you can then take action for improvement if necessary and always have an updated website.


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