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Professional website design for HiTech Piping : BEFORE AND AFTER

HiTech Piping’s website : designed for business development

This smoothly, flowing professional website design serves to present HiTech Piping as a key player in its industry, and in so doing regularly generates new business opportunities.


For over 30 years HiTech Piping has been a key player in Canada as a distributor of a complete line of hoses, ducting, pipes and all of the required fitting components.

As such, its president, Mr Steve Di Florio wanted a professional website design to justly reflect HiTech Piping’s wide scope of quality products and their problem-solving service mindset.

The website design task, in a few words

In keeping with HiTech Piping’s brand colour scheme, V COMM DESIGN (VCD) was tasked to develop a professional website design to clearly show how and why HiTech Piping is the definite go-to distributor for its product lines.

As such, the Hitech Piping website is rich in informative product content coupled with numerous case studies.

Every element of the website serves to highlight HiTech Piping’s strong reputation for being a solution-oriented supplier for all its clients, and a reliable business partner for each one of its manufacturers.

What follows is a summary description of the website, with a few images to give you a sense of the project.

The Result : an overview of some noteworthy elements

1- The professional website design : look & feel

From a colour design perspective we decided to accent HiTech Piping’s burgundy red by contrasting it with an industrial-type grey colour, most notably in the section page titles.

Typographically, we shifted from the previous very straight-lined HELVETICA to the rounder TREBUCHET

2- Home page = marketing messaging

The home page is, as every home page should be, a window display of what a visitor can find in the website.

In this instance, under the website’s main navigation menu we used a basic slide-show effect to present 4 banner images : each one related to a Hi Tech specific marketing message

HiTech Home Page and Marketing Messaging Slider Images

3- The Products and brands section

The Products menu tab, opens a scroll down menu offering visitors the choice to view the products by category, by industry or by brands.

In all cases, the visitor is lead to the pages describing the chosen products + the possibility of downloading PDFs of relevant brochures.

The example here starts from the Brands page, in the Products menu tab.

HiTech Product-Brands-Page

4- Case Studies, Testimonials and more

The HiTech Piping’s internet site is a 9-section, 40 page+ professional website design, and growing.

Even though there is a lot of content available, the website’s navigation was thought out so that any visitor can rapidly find what he/she is looking for.

You are welcome to visit the website at : https://www.hitechpiping.ca/

What the client has to say about it all :


« We fully trusted the expertise and guidance of V COMM DESIGN (VCD) to design and build a contemporary website for HiTech Piping that clearly showcases our products and services in an easy to surf layout.

 As a result, our smoothly flowing website as designed by VCD is and does exactly what we want : perfectly represent HITECH PIPING.

Plus, as it stands, our website is also a great business development tool generating at least a couple of requests for information every week; the net result being, without question, increased sales from both past and new clients, some of which come from new territories.

VCD’s professionalism and overall expertise makes for a worry-free and no-hassle project management environment. 

We recommend them highly.»

Steve Di Florio, President

Matthew Di Florio, Inside Sales Manager

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